DRUMS LIMITED is a project born from an idea developed during many years of experience in New York of drummer Luca Santaniello.

Exposed to stimulus of a challenging international jazz scene continuously transforming, and having worked with leading innovator of contemporary jazz music like Joe Lovano and George Garzone, pioneers in the use of the double rhythm section in their bands, Luca finds in Greg Hutchinson the right companion for this project, the perfect drummer to start this journey to research into a band’s sound enriched with more layers of rhythmic possibilities, textures, colors and interaction.

Conceived from an idea born as a game after a long session of joint study between Luca and Greg, now the project comes to place with the addition of excellent musicians of the international scene such as Joseph Lepore on bass, Emanuele Cisi on tenor saxophone and Andrea Rea on piano.

These are the music personalities that can make this project extremely audacious and at the same time fascinating and fun.

The interaction of five mature and sensitive musicians makes the alternation of the two rhythm sections made of bass and drums possible, as well as playing conjunctively without ever being too present, giving great value and importance to space, pauses and solo moments of each musician.

Giving the infinite possibilities of repertoire for this type of ensemble the choice focuses on jazz “standards” by composers such as Elvin Jones, Curtis Fuller, John Scofield, as well as original songs by Luca Santaniello.