In this project, Luca Santaniello fuses the elements of traditional repertoire of the Neapolitan school of the early ‘900, like folk songs known as Maruzzella, A rumba re’ ‘Scugnizz, Scalinatella Longa Longa, with his deep knowledge of the tradition of American Jazz from Charlie Parker to Ornette Coleman, thus opening up a wide and multi-directional road to the improvisation on themes that distinguish the Italian music culture in the world.

The use of the traditional jazz quartet, rhythm section with piano-bass-drums plus a horn player as a soloist, is the base of the sound that Luca brings throughout the journey into the discovery of new harmonies and rhythms, but it is sometimes brought down to a trio ensemble in order to reach a rawer sound that leaves more room to the interaction between the improvisers.

Dance is the predominant element that never fades out behind the sophistication and the intricacy of the arrangements textures, so keeping the listener always in connection with the primary essence of Neapolitan folk and jazz music, which is identifiable with community belonging, sharing, rejoicing.

Luca brings lyricism and rhythm at a natural level of symbiosis with the contribution of gifted musicians that honor through their skills a high commitment to the music.